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In 1993, within the framework of the USAID sponsored “CIS Noncommercial Sector Research Program”, a branch of the International Charitable Foundation Interlegal was founded in Almaty. This branch was founded in order to support the creation and development of an independent sector and civil society in the Republic of Kazakhstan and other CIS.

The Interlegal Civic Foundation for Political and Legal Research was re-incorporated by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a civic foundation in 1995.

With support from Soros Foundation Kazakhstan and USAID in 1994 in Almaty IK organized First in Central Asia an international conference titled “Affirming Kazakhstan’s Third Sector” and attended by NGO representatives from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia. Mercy Corps International supported publication ot “Affirming Kazakhstan’s Third Sectora.

In 1995 was founded Legal Information Center. Eurasia Foundation supported our Legal Information Center in 1995, and in 1996 this project was continued with a grant from the National Endowment for Democracy. The legal Information Center works at present time.

In 1996 there was in light a book “Practical manual. Legal regulation of activity of noncommercial organizations in Kazakhstan”, issued with support of a American legal consortium and Counterpart Consortium.

Since August, 1997 till August, 1998 “Interlegal” carried out the project “School of social support NGO in Kazakhstan” within the framework of the Democratic program TACIS, in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

In September 1998 the IK has won opened competition, Institute of the Constitutional and Legislative Policy (COLPI) and Soros - Kazakhstan Foundation “Monitoring of legal magazines”.

With support from Soros Foundation Kazakhstan in November 1999 organized an international seminar “Rights of Crime Victims”.

In November 2000 organized international conference “Impact of International Law upon National Legislation in Kazakhstan”.



Interlegal’s name springs from “international” and “legal” for three reasons.

First “legal” is part of our name because we are convinced of the necessity of citizen participation in the development of new laws in Kazakhstan and other independent CIS states. Citizen participation is needed so that these new laws meet general standards set by democratic states for observance of human rights.

Second “international” is part of our name because we consider ourselves part of the international independent (voluntary) sector that strives for the realization of general humanitarian ideals and that demands a society-state dialogue structured on terms of equality.

Third “international” is part of our name since today’s world is becoming increasingly interconnected and since many countries now understand the necessity of establishing iniematiunal legdi sidnddrds. Therefore the development of international contacts between noncommercial and charitable organizations is central to Interlegal’s efforts.



The main goal: to facilitate the development of civil society institutions in Kazakhstan and in other post-Soviet states through education, training, professional preparation, and legal protection.



In Kazakhstan, IK facilitates the development of civil society through the creation and development of noncommercial and charitable organizations. Such organizations are fundamental to the creation of a democratic society as they create horizontal information networks. IK places special emphasis on assisting such organizations create management structures and increase their effectiveness as charitable institutions.

Internationally, IK attempts to make the international experience of noncommercial and charitable organizations accessible to Kazakhstan and other CIS states (especially in Central Asia). Moreover, Interlegal strives to integrate local organizations into global networks of NGOs through various forms of citizen diplomacy.



IK’s activity aims to legal, informational and consultation help to local and international NGO by IK’s specialists.

Primary areas of Research

IK Activities: include a primary reliance on international models of legislative support and noncommercial sector successes as a foundation for efforts to apply international technologies and resources toward encouraging an international dialogue including civil society structures in Kazakhstan and other post-Soviet states.



IK publishes a monthly bulletin, “Central Asia Third Sector”, which contains information about legal regulation of noncommercial organizations and development of third sector in Kazakhstan, other CIS states, and in the rest of the world.

With support from COLPI and Soros Foundation Kazakhstan From October 1998 IK started publishing of information-analytical magazine “The Legal Reform in Kazakhstan”.


IK Books

- Youth Problems Today (1994);

- Affirming Kazakhstan’s Third Sector (1995);

- Kazakhstan NGO Directory (1994, 1996, 1998);

- Legal Regulation of NGOs in Kazakhstan (1996,1998);

- Legal Models of NGO/State Cooperation (1997, with Interlegal Moscow);

- Noncommercial organizations in Central Asia:

organizational and legal aspects of work (1997);

- NGO’s effective models of social work in Kazakhstan and European experience (1998).



IK’s legislative activities aim to develop and improve legal acts at the local and international levels in order to support and strengthen the independent sector in Kazakhstan and CIS. IK - experts have developed draft laws on the “The Right of Citizens to Association” and “Noncommercial and Charitable Activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan”. As a member of a working group of the Presidential Human Rights Commission, we helped prepare the Kazakhstan State Program on Human Rights.



IK organizes conferences, seminars, training’s on taxation, management and legislation for noncommercial organizations.

Consuiiations arc provided to NGOs regarding:

- crpatinp andBegistering (incorporating) an NGO;

- legislation and taxation concerning noncommercial and charitable activities;

- fundraising;

- strategic planning and management.


Interlegal Moscow

Interlegal St.-Petersburg

Interlegal Odessa

Interlegal New York

Transparency Kazakhstan


Sergei ZIotnikov - President, Interlegal Kazakhstan

Nina Beiyaeva - President, International Charitable Foundation Interlegal (Moscow)

Vitaly Voronov - Chairman of the Board Transparency Kazakhstan

Yevgeny Zhovtis - Executive Director, International Bureau for Human Rights and Legality

Sergei Kuratov - Chairperson, Green Salvation

Victor Malinovsky - Vice-Rector, Adilet Law School

Marat Sarsembaev - Rector of the Institut of International Law and International Business

Our Address:

83 Gagarin st., 6 room, Almaty, 480009, Kazakhstan

Tel: (3272) 42-15-54 fax: (3272) 77-51-71




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