Where is the National Report?

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In July 2010, the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making Process, and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters reminded the Parties of the Convention that the National Reports about Compliance with the Convention must be submitted in a timely manner.

The Reports must be submitted to the Secretariat before December 8, 2010. There are 55 days left!

During these 55 days, the Parties shall:
- publish the first Draft Report prepared in August-September;
- hold consultations on the Draft (including public hearings) starting from the end of September till the beginning of November;
- prepare the final version of the Report by the beginning of December.

It shall be noted that the Parties must actively involve the public into the work on the document.

For example, in Austria, first consultations with the public were held starting from July 20 till August 20. The second round of the consultations with the public began two weeks ago. The final date to file the comments is set for November 12.

In the beginning of September, the first round of consultations with the public started in Estonia. Representatives of the public and other interested parties were sent out a special questionnaire by the Estonia Ministry of Environment.

Beginning of the official discussion of the National Report in Armenia is scheduled for September 20.

As for Kazakhstan, till the date (October 14) neither the web-site of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, nor any other official web-site has the Draft Report published. Meantime, the public has less and less time to effectively participate in discussion of the document.

In this regard, Ecological Society “Green Salvation” sent an inquiry to the Ministry of Environmental Protection with a request to explain where and when is the National Report going to be published.