National Parks or National Dumps?

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Ecological society “Green Salvation” was addressed by the citizens of Almaty. During a walk on the territory of Ile-Alatau National Park in the area of Big Almaty Lake and its water-protection zone, they noticed several illegal dumps.
Ecological society “Green Salvation” sent a request to the administration of Ile-Alatau National Park and other authorities requiring liquidation of the dumps in the Big Almaty gorge.  Later, the administration of the park informed about the undertaken measures. The dump near the meteo-station was liquidated, the trash was forced to be removed from the territory of “Cascade GES”, and penalties were applied to the authorities of the national park for the unsatisfactory performance of their responsibilities.

The park administration expressed their gratitude for the provided information and offered us to conduct a check visit to the area together. From our side, we thank the people who are not indifferent and sincerely strive to protect our mountains, and we encourage everybody to inform the park administration directly in case of any other facts of violation of the nature protection rules.

From our side, we will continue our incentives and always ready to offer our help.

Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park:
Address in Almaty city: 050035, Almaty, Djandossov  street, 51.
Address in Kamenka village: 040918 Almaty oblast, Karasay region, Kamenka village, Djandossov street, 1
Phone: 221-86-53 (ext. 102), 228-58-88
e-mail: ile-alatau@mail.ru