We appeal to you on behalf of the movement “Protect Kok-Zhaylau”, Ecological Society “Green Salvation”, and ten thousand citizens of Kazakhstan and other countries who oppose construction of a mountain ski resort on the territory of Ile-Alatau National Park.

On November 28, 2014, 19 children and three adults fainted in the Berezovka village school in Burlin district of Western Kazakhstan Oblast, and were taken to the Burlin district hospital. On November 29th, six children were transferred to the regional clinical hospital.

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In summer 2014, the Fifth Meeting of the Parties of the Aarhus Convention will take place in the city of Maastricht (Netherlands). As required by the Convention, the Republic of Kazakhstan prepared a compliance report. The document presented by the country,  in our opinion, does not reflect many important aspects which need to be described, in accordance to the reporting requirements.
Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee (1) accepted a communication from Almaty residents about plans of construction of a mountain ski resort “Kok-Jailau”. Thus, violations of public rights committed already at the initial stage of realization of the project of the ski resort will be reviewed at the international level.

Video "Let us protect Kok-Jailau"

Ile-Alatau National Park.
It is the lungs of our city.
It is the crystal pure water in our homes!
It is a homeland to thousands of creatures!
It is the beauty which saves the world!
Kok-Zhailau is the heart of the National Park. It must be healthy!
A booklet “Visiting National Park” was recently published.
It explains simple rules one needs to know and follow, in order to make a visit to a nature site, shiny sun, endless blue sky, beautiful birds, and animals only a pleasant experience.
   There is no other way to describe what is going on in Kazakhstan’s specially protected natural territories.  In the Ile-Alatau National Park, aside from the construction of resorts, restaurants, sports facilities and nightclubs, sanitary felling of the forests is taking place in practically all of the gorges. According to the law, this is permitted, but must be conducted in strict compliance with established rules.
    That which we see in the photographs is more like the industrial preparation of timber in the vast expanses of Siberia than of sanitary felling.  Is this really sanitary felling?  Maybe the forest plots are being cleared for the construction of the next private restaurants and cottages?  Or to make money on the sale of timber?  Did the initiators of these clearings consider the environmental and social consequences?  Isn’t the sanitary felling of forests being conducted too widely and uncontrollably in the national parks?

If you are studying or teaching about the environment or environmental rights;
if you want to create a children’s environmental club,
create films or take photographs of nature;
if you are concerned about the deteriorating state of Kazakhstan’s environment
or want to maintain your right to a favorable environment;
if you are concerned about what will become of our mountains in the foreseeable future and
on what kind of Earth our children and grandchildren will live,

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